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Team letter, idols and my heart for what’s ahead

  This was a letter to my team but I wanted to share it here too because I believe the Lord is building something new that is ordained by Him for His glory on my team. I want anyone that is thinking about joining me to know my perspective and heart and vision for this team. He’s calling Godly women and leaders here to accomplish more than we can even imagine but I believe that it will be through His ways and His favor and His direction and not by the “wisdom” of this world. We are to be set apart leaders, seeking the name of Jesus to be lifted up, honoring our families, seeking Jesus first and having open hands to God. This verse was highlighted to me in my bible reading:  “ He must increase, but I must decrease .” John 3:30 To my team: I've been trying to think of what I wanted to share with you, because I feel like the Lord is teaching me so many things and there is so much I could say, but at the tippy top of everything I wanted to encourage you to press into Jesus, wholehearted

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