Oh BOY!!!

We had the ultrasound today and they are "pretty sure" that baby is a boy! She kept referring to the "turtle" on the screen saying it looks like boy parts! It gave us a giggle and we were thankful for her choice of words since we had our little girls in the room with us!
There was worship music playing in the background which Moriyah quickly noticed and then asked, "Do these doctors and nurses know and love Jesus and worship Him?!" Our ultrasound tech said she did and that she goes to another Calvary Chapel in the area! So cool!  So far in my doctor's office I've met a few christian ladies!  It is such a blessing! :0)

Seeing our little man on the screen was so amazing... And the little guy is a thumb sucker!!! It was so cute to see this tiny, 11oz baby sucking his thumb!! Amazing moment for me! I've never had a thumb sucker before, and I realize it's a hard habit to break, but for cryin' out loud it's the cutest thing to see!!

I'm still in a bit of shock with the idea that we are having a boy... although, my Mama guessed it as soon as I told her I was pregnant! I'm so much in the princess mindset with my two little beauties that I don't know what I'm goona do with a little dude! :0)  They need to start making cuter boy clothes, that's all I'm sayin'! ;0)

Oh BOY, Oh BOY.... Here we go!!


  1. A few thoughts...Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! and Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of! and mud...all kinds of new adventures! So excited for a boy! Love, Grammies.

  2. Congratulations! That is very exciting. You will be a wonderful mommy to a little boy. I'm sure it will come so naturally, too.

    Hugs xoxo

  3. Wow...three Princesses and a new Prince! I can't wait to meet the little man!


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