My favorite Gluten Free snack!

I have the sweetest nutritionist from our church helping me to figure out what has been going on with me physically. (Kinda thinking I'm allergic to Colorado though!) She's been giving me great and yummy ideas for Gluten Free eating and this one happens to be my favorite at the moment, so I thought I would share the love with any of you GF people out there!
Here's the stuff you'll need:
1/2 of the bag of Namaste Waffle & Pancake Mix (follow directions on the bag to make pancakes)
2 Tablespoons Salba
A little honey for sweetness
Mix it all together and start cookin'!

 Adding Salba to the mix adds a healthy Whole Food packed with lots of healthy goodness!
 Fry it in some Coconut Oil...

 Let them cool and then pack them in some containers...
 This works as a great snack for anytime in the day. Just pop one (or two!) in the toaster and either eat it plain OR spread a little SUNBUTTER (my favorite!!) on the top and enjoy! It's SO yummy!!

Sunbutter tastes so much like peanut butter but with sunflower seeds instead of peanuts! It's so yummy! I have to stop myself from eating spoonfuls! :-p My kiddos love it too!
GF snack that is kid tested and Mommy approved!


  1. I'm becoming more interested in the GF diet and your posts are encouraging. This looks yummy. Thanks for sharing!


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