Ulysses turned ONE!!!

Ulysses David Cordova
1 year old

My sweet baby boy has turned ONE this month! It truly is amazing. I am so blessed to be his Mom! He is a boy who stole my heart completely. I had NO idea that having a son would be this awesome! I can't even handle it! Sheesh... He has blown me away and his big sisters adore him! Watching my Hubby have a boy to wrestle with and play blocks and cars with is pretty sweet too. He is in the cute process of learning to walk (YAY!!) and he has become quite the snuggle bug. I love him to the moon and back and am beyond words to really say just how blessed by Jesus I am to have this little guy in our family.

For his birthday, instead of having an official party where we have a crew of folks over to celebrate, we decided to keep it really simple with just our little family, a camera, balloons, cake, and a bucket of water! It was such a fun day of making it all about the boy and trying to capture all his sweet expressions to show him when he's older.

I took a gazillion pictures so these are just a few! Hope you enjoy!!

love love... Abs


  1. Abbi, I LOVE your birthday pictures!! You take awesome pictures. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks, Grandpa!! So glad you like them!


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