It's A Marshmallow World

We had our first snow up here in our neck of the woods! So beautiful! It's almost all melted right now but the kiddos had fun watching it fall last night and playing in it this morning. 

And by fun I mean mostly Moriyah. She played and made shapes with buckets and threw handfuls of snow in the air, and {of course} danced! 
Uly played some but mostly cried once the cold was on his hands long enough. He fell a few times so I took him back inside, changed his clothes and then he screamed to go back out again… and then he screamed at his big sis to play with the shovel and bucket she had… and then he screamed at the snow… and then he screamed when I told him to come inside… and then he screamed when I offered marshmallows… and then he screamed some more at nothing, really, and then he came inside. He screams a lot. Haha. Oh geez. He IS a cute screamer though so that kinda makes it not SO annoying. Haha. I love that boy. 

Scarlett was cute with her hands in her front pockets the whole time walking around. She got all cheery for the first few minutes, made some cute poses for the camera and that was about it. She got pretty cold and went inside saying, "Mom, I am NOT a snow person. I am a TOY person." I hear ya, babe! I love looking at the snow but I get cold too easily. 

Anyhoo, today was sweet. We are still a bunch of snotty-nosed-McGees over here so another movie day it is with hot cocoa and blankets and snuggles.

And mighty-mighty-Max stayed inside all day since he's a little under-the-weather too. I love the snot outta this pup!

Happy Saturday Snow Day!


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