My time away from social media

So for awhile now I've felt that tugging in my heart from the Lord to step away from social media like Facebook and Instagram and focus more on my time with the Lord and with my family.
It may sound a bit silly but I knew that it was a step of obedience to the Lord that I was needing to take.
So a little over a month ago I deleted the apps off my phone. I can't tell you enough just what a breath of fresh air it has been. There is something right about not knowing everyone else's business and them not knowing your own on a daily basis. I don't think that God intended us to carry the burdens and busyness of THAT many "friends" all day every day. For reals. 
 Social media is a funny addiction. Most of what is said or posted can be pointless information and yet it can so easily snatch our attention and time away from what's important. We can veg out on nothing for long periods of time wasting our day or parts of our day on things that have little to no effect on our own lives. Right?!
Now I'm not saying that social sites are the enemy and calling it quits all together. I know that I've been SO encouraged by people through FB and IG from those I know and don't know. Instagram has so many amazing mommas on there that have been so sweet to get to "know" through their lives in pictures and sharing.  
It's a sweet little space.
I love being able to connect with family and friends who I don't see much but everything should be done in moderation. 
I think that it's come down to a few things that I feel like the Lord has been teaching me/reminding me that I wanted to share to hopefully be an encouragement to anyone reading this.

1.) Slowing down and quieting the loudness of my life is so important in my relationship with the Lord. How can I expect to really hear from the Lord when I'm listening too much to the things of this world constantly? Jesus promises us His peace that surpasses all understanding but I can't expect to have full access to that if I'm caught up and busying myself with everyone else's stuff. Seeking the world more than seeking the Lord leaves an emptiness.

2.) In stepping away from social media I wanted to step towards more purposeful time with the Lord. So I turned on solid bible teachings on my phone as I went about my day or played worship music so that whether I'm cleaning, homeschooling, cooking or changing a diaper, I'm having that constant input of God's Word and truth washing over me AND over my children. Also keeping my Bible out and reading scripture with my babies whether they were focused on it or not was/is so good for planting those seeds of truth in their little hearts.
It's been sweet watching how my children have responded by having a more present Momma around.

3.) Choosing to step back from social sites has taken off the burden of comparison in a huge way. As much as I have been so inspired and encouraged by other women and mothers online, it has also brought a sense of feeling like I'm not good enough or I'm not doing enough. My house doesn't look like that house, my kids don't look that clean, my marriage doesn't feel like that marriage looks, my relationship with the Lord isn't as strong as that person's relationship. I don't have my own crafty business while I hand make my children's clothing. I don't decorate birthday parties that would make Pinterest jealous while preparing homemade meals for my family, neighbors and even strangers. I can't spin my own wool whilst preparing fresh gluten-free pasta from my pasta maker and uprooting ripe veggies from my perfectly growing garden to serve at dinner to children who smile happily as they eat every bite of it.
Ok, so I may be overdoing it a smudge but you get the idea.
I've seen this quote on a bunch that says, 
"Don't compare your behind-the-scenes 
with everyone else's highlight reel." 
And yet, that's so often what we do... or at least I do.
So stepping away for awhile to refocus has been so good.
I want to be the wife and mother that God has/is calling me to be and to be satisfied in that calling without feeling inadequate because I'm not like that person over there.
We all have different gifts and talents and instead of embracing our own, it's easy to compare ourselves with others and think we aren't doing enough or we don't have enough or whatever else.
Seeking the Lord and asking for Him to show us who and what we are to be and do with what He has put in front of us is so freeing.

4.) I've seen the Lord show up in huge ways through prayer. Not only in my own prayer life but in the prayers of my children as well. I'm amazed, really. It's funny what the Lord will do when we take steps of obedience. 
The more time that I give to the Lord and take that time to seek Him, worship Him, listen to teachings, the more that my children take it on as well. My kids are praying more, talking about Jesus in their conversations to each other and to others, dreaming about Jesus and angels, recognizing when God answers prayer and singing constantly about the Lord whether it's a known worship song or just a made up on-the-fly song about God. They are praying for each other (which is amazing to see!) and spending more time themselves reading or looking at their bibles.
God is SO faithful.

5.) I had this growing irritation of watching other people that would be out with their kids, whether at a class, the park, the store, whatever it may be, and they would seem so lost on their phones that they were missing precious moments with their little ones, only to stop long enough to take a picture of themselves with their kids to then post on a site and continue zoning on their phones and off of their children. 
I know that I've been guilty of it before and the more that I would continue to watch other people check out of their own lives to check into the lives of others, I knew I just needed a break. I don't want to be checked out of these little and fleeting moments of my children's childhood. 
Instead of pulling out my phone while the kids play outside, I go out there and just watch them play and create and explore.
Instead of looking at my phone while I'm nursing, thinking it's a little downtime, I stare at the face of my sweet baby who will quickly be a big boy before I know it.

6.) "... forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." (Phil. 3:13)
This verse has been running through my head for awhile now and, as great as it can be to see familiar faces pop up on your home pages, it can also remind you of past hurts, mistakes and painful seasons and can remind you of things that God has so kindly removed from your life. He intends for us to press on and yet we keep 
re-reminding ourselves of the past.
Again, I'm not saying that social sites are the devil and that I'm deleting my accounts. They can be a blessing but they also can distract us from the blessings that God has put right in front of us. I read this quote a few years back and it always stuck with me:
"One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not for lack of time." 
-John Piper

This time of stepping back has brought so much blessing and strength to my family and in my relationship with the Lord.
It's helped me to refocus on what is important.
It's given me a joy in serving my family in a much deeper way because I know that I'm seeking first the kingdom of God by investing, in a more intentional way, into these precious hearts that God has put in my care.
I'm more present, more peaceful, more thankful, patient, satisfied with the simple things and have more joy.

This has been such a sweet time for me to step back and step more towards the Lord and my family.


P.S.  A special thank you to my husband for capturing these moments of mommyhood with my babes!


  1. Abs, your words are precious to hear...and you, with your babies, are precious to see. I Love to watch you interact with them....I see the connection and it's amazing to behold!!! -grandpa

    1. Thank you thank you, Grandpa! That means so much to me!

  2. Thanks for being so real always and doing it with class. You're a picture of Christ.


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