My Health Journey

In hopes of bringing healing to my body for various reasons, I'm on a new journey with what I eat/drink. It's a 3-6 month process but the first 3 weeks are the most strict. I'm gluten free, nut free, soy free, corn free, dairy free, sugar free, wine free (which I kinda want to whine about. Wonk wonk) and pretty much fun free. After 3 weeks I'll slowly introduce other foods and see how my body responds. I was off coffee for over a week but I brought that puppy right back with just some coconut milk. Praise Jesus for coffee! 
I'm not just removing the bad but I'm replacing it with good things like aloe vera, omega 3 fish oil, ginger, garlic, L-Glutamine and some other shtuff. What I CAN eat is veggies, meat, sunbutter and sweet potatoes. Feeling jealous yet?! So the key is getting super creative with herbs and seasonings. And I'm not gonna lie, making yummy food for the family and then making straight up veggies for me can turn me into grumpy-pants-McGee so I gotta watch my 'tude!
Holy Beans, it's a challenge and all I want is sugar by the handfuls with a side a red wine BUT I know that in the long run, this will help my body to heal which is what I desperately need. I'm on day 4 and didn't wake up as grumpy so Heyyyyy!!!
I know y'all were DYING to know what I'm eating these days, right?! Haha! I'm mainly posting all this for accountability because if I shout it from the rooftop then I better not give up! Aaaaaand if you're still reading this, high fives for listening to my rant! #momgonewild



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