Meet "Pirate" the Lizard

Ulysses LOVES bugs and lizards and dirt and mud and all things "boy" related (and being just about naked all day long). Although, having sisters, he likes his fair share of princess movies as well. ;0)

Whenever he finds a bug, he gets so excited and picks it up and calls it his friend. It's pretty sweet. And tonight, while I was cleaning up the backyard, I spotted a lizard and called Uly over. He instantly went to it and picked it up and then had so much concern that the lizard lost his Dad. (How sweet!) 
He kept saying how we needed to find his Dad. He then said, "It's ok, lizard. I'll be your Dad."
The girls got a bucket and put grass in it and asked Uly what he wanted to name his lizard... "Pirate!"
So here's Pirate the lizard! We'll have to let the poor guy go soon, but for now, he is very much loved.


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