13 Years of Marriage

13 years... 
It's been 13 years (tomorrow) since the day that I stood before God and our friends and family and committed my life to being your wife in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, and that no matter what, it was gonna be me and you through thick and thin till the end.
I was 20 years old and had no idea the weight of what I was promising that day. All I knew was that I was madly in love with you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to wake up every morning next to you and go to bed next to you every night. I wanted to have babies with you  and to grow old with you. We've been doing a lot of that throughout these years.
We started our journey as the best of friends and although we've hit some rough patches, by God's grace and restoration, I feel like I have my best friend back. God is truly a miracle worker. He has done so much in our marriage and I'm so thankful. We are fighting for each other more than fighting against each other. We are supporting each other and standing behind each other. 
 I love you so much, Hoss and I'm so thankful for where the Lord is taking us together. He has been so kind to us and I can't help but wonder who these awesome kiddos of ours are going to grow up to be, seeing how the Lord has been constantly preserving our marriage and family in such a big way. Our marriage is so much bigger than just us. It stems throughout eternity. What matters most in this world is that we make it home, to our heavenly home, and that our children make it with us. Nothing in this life could come close to comparing to that. 
So until one of us sees the face of Jesus, we'll be looking at each others. My prayer for you and me and for our children is that we will all be counted worthy on that day and that we'll have fought the good fight and endured till the end. We are partners in life to cheer each other on to make it till we are in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I'm so sorry for all the times that I've lost sight of what marriage is meant to be. I'm sorry for being selfish. I'm sorry for holding things against you when all you needed was my forgiveness. I'm sorry for trusting my fears more than trusting in the Lord. 
You've watched me grow up and have seen the good, bad and ugly and you still love me so much. Your friendship means the world to me. No matter how hard we've fought, your arms are home to me and that's where I want to be. 
Thank you for working so hard for our family no matter how humbling the job is. 
I love you like crazy.
Happy 13th Anniversary, baby! 


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