Mother's Day 2016

Today was so sweet. I woke up to my 4 yr old at the foot of our bed waiting for me to wake up and feed him. He's pretty precious, that Uly D! So after I made breakfast and coffee (!!!) I sat on the couch with my bible and my two boys on each side of me (and occasionally raising my voice for them to stop bouncing on me so that hot coffee doesn't pour out everywhere on all of us. oh, sweet motherhood) and  was so encouraged! Psalms 104. Go read it! SO good! Such a beautiful reminder of how everything we have is from God. One of my all-time favorite portions of scripture.
My boys all went to get me flowers while I got ready for church with my girls. They picked gorgeous garden roses! Swoon!
We went to church and during worship I was so ministered to by the Lord in a way that surprised me. I always struggle with the idea of celebrating myself or anything I do, but this morning I felt like the Lord spoke to my heart about the importance of motherhood and that it's worthy of being honored. So hard for me to fully explain it in words but it was all I could do to not start ugly crying in the middle of service. Geez. 
The pastor was sharing how a mother's heart is a reflection of God's heart, His selfless character and His unconditional love. Becoming a mother changed everything for me. My whole world turned from all about me to all about them the moment I laid eyes on their faces. Such a beautiful transformation of taking someone so selfish and making them more like Jesus on this journey of motherhood. As much as I feel I fail all the time, today I felt the love of Jesus in such a huge way that washed over me and made me see motherhood as something worthy of celebrating because it's connected with the heart of God. 
Mothers bring beauty 
and so much more.
All of which are pieces of God worthy to be celebrated. 

Ulysses gives me all the flowers he sees which I praise him for! Gotta teach those boys that girls love flowers! 

Max follows after his brother in picking flowers too! Baby hands and tiny flowers make my heart burst!

The sun was a bit bright for our eyes but it's mother's day so this mama needed a picture with all the babies.

Kiddos bringing me more treasures they found. Rocks, flowers, weeds... all sweet little gifts. (Uly's face!!)

Scarlett brought me a "blow-wisher" for me to make a wish. Afterwards she wished on her own, "that mom would have great days and not be stressed out"! Ha! So cute! 

We asked the boys what they were doing and Uly said, "Oh. Just having a great time."

We ended the day with taking pictures, getting more coffee, and then going home to watch a kids movie while I snuggled on the couch with my favorite blanket and my favorite man and he rubbed my feet and hands with lotion. Winner chicken dinner! And just a side note, the Hubs bought paper plates so I won't have to do as many dishes for the next few days! Smart man! I love him. 
For all of you mothers out there, I hope your day was so blessed!


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