our weekend in the mountains

My boy in the middle caught some air!

Uly absolutely adores his baby cousin. He would snuggle her, sing to her and make her belly-laugh. So precious!

My beautiful sister-in-law and sweet baby Aria

Little Mama 

We were invited by family last minute to go up to a cabin in the woods this weekend. We had a total blast! There are S E V E N kiddos between us all and it was so much fun! We watched movies with popcorn, laughed until we cried, ate amazing food, played in the water, snuggled so many precious kiddos and just enjoyed getting away! There are very few things that could compare to how wonderful it is to wake up in the mountain air and read your bible outside in the cool of the morning. It was so refreshing. And being with family is such a joy! At the end of our trip, the hubbies watched the kiddos for us mamas and we got to go exploring together and enjoy God's beautiful creation! It was such a gift to just be a couple of sisters breathing in the fresh air. 
We already can't wait to go adventuring with them again! Scarlett took tons of videos of her baby cousins and she watches them over and over again. We love family time!
Until next time!!


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