Ulysses gives his heart to Jesus...

So last night, Uly and Scarlett were talking in their bedroom and as I walked in, Uly comes running towards me, crying so hard and wraps his little 5yr old arms around my waist and desperately starts saying that he wants to give his heart to Jesus… Now this is the same boy that already loves Jesus, prays all day long, asks every kid and parent at the playground that he meets if they love Jesus (totally makes some people squirm) and would walk out the back door when he was 3yrs old and look up into the sky and yell, "JESUSSSS!!! Where are you?!! Come down so I can see your face because I want to see you and talk to you!"…. That same boy was weeping because his sister said that she gave her heart to Jesus years ago and he didn't… So there he was, arms tightly wrapped around me, saying he wants to give his heart to Jesus. I called in my hubby and he came and sat down with his boy on his lower bunk-bed and told him that it's as easy as just saying a prayer… He goes, "But I pray everyday!" :0)  So, we all sat together, sister came too, and he prayed that Jesus would come into his heart and that his life would forever belong to the Lord. He smiled SO big and started hugging us and squealing that he just gave his heart to Jesus… and then he asked, "Sooooo, is my heart now up in heaven or is it like half in heaven and half inside my body?!" haha! He's a thinker, that boy!
This calling of parenthood is a gift and an honor. To show my kids the beauty and wonder of the Lord is truly incredible. I'm so thankful.


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