Our little getaway...

 We packed our bags and took off for the weekend with our kiddos.
We needed the time away as just us.
I love taking long car rides because it gives us so much time to sit and chat and pray and dream and hear each other's hearts and thoughts.
We learned a lot on this trip about our family and realized the areas we need to be more intentional with each other and more prayerful for each other.
We had several deep heart-to-heart talks, snuggled lots, took walks, breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation.

The littles played hard in the water while my oldest spent her time on the sand listening to music, reading books and drawing in her art book next to her Daddy.
We were surrounded with beautiful snow-capped mountains, sunshine and blue water.
So thankful for my family. Even in the hard things in life, these are my people, my team, my tribe and I wouldn't trade them for anything. 
The years seem to go faster the older I get and I don't want to miss out on these little moments. It can be so easy to get caught up in busyness and the "have-to's" and not cherish the everyday moments and miracles of each day that we are given with our people. 
It takes daily choosing to be intentional with our time, our focus, our priorities, otherwise we'll miss it and look back in regret.
Someday my babies will be grownup and having their own families and as much as it aches my mama-heart to think about, I want to look back knowing that I gave them my best. I fall short all the time but thankfully the Lord gives new mercies and fresh starts with each new day.

So much swirling in my heart and mind but I'll sign off for now.




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