Moriyah turns 12!!

Today my girl turned 12yrs old. 
So many feelings but the overwhelming one is just gratitude that the Lord has called me to be her mama and her to be my daughter. She is a gift of grace, beauty, joy, peace, and so much blessing from the Lord. She is an incredible human and clearly has the hand of the Lord upon her life. He loves her even more than I do (which is hard to believe) and watching Him work in her life is breathtaking. Truly. She made me a mama 12 years ago... feels just like yesterday sometimes. So thankful for the gift of her.

We started the day with gluten free waffles, went to church and then had family over to celebrate our girl together. 
It was such a blessed day.
This girl completely changed our lives forever. 
Beauty and strength defines her.

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!! 
We love you to the moon and back!!



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