Our Weekend in the Mountains

We recently spent a weekend away in the mountains with our family! Two of our kids had their very first day of school away from home that day so we picked them up afterwards, packed up our minivan and headed to the mountains! (You can read about our trip last year here.)
We love our family time and this trip was so special! Grandpa, Uncles, Auntie, and all the cousins on my Hubby's side of the family were there. We watched movies, ate good food, went swimming, stayed up late talking, sipped coffee, sang songs and just enjoyed getting away for a couple of days.
My kids loveeeee their cousins so much and watching them all love each other and play together is so sweet! And we're all pretty obsessed about the littlest in the family, baby Aria!

My favorite night was when my hubby, his brothers and Grandpa all took turns telling a story to the kids. One would start making something up and then point to the next person to continue the storytelling. The kids were SO into it and I couldn't stop laughing at it all! haha! It was pure magic and I just kept wishing I could freeze that moment. Family is such a beautiful gift to have. 
I love my people so much! 
More favorite moments:
Max calling the cabin "the cabbage"
Blake telling Uncle Tony, "Don't touch my toooooes!" haha!
Uly and Scarlett jumping in the freezing cold water and playing together.
Moriyah splashing the kids in the water and the kids all freaking out with so.much.joy!!
Auntie Erin singing with my girls.
Aria playing peek-a-boo on my lap.
Judah showing off his muscles.
Aria's bathing was too big so Uncle Tony gave Dan his hair tie (because #longhairdontcare) and he tied the back of her swimsuit into a little pom-pom! haha! So stinking cute!
All the brothers cleaning up after the meals. #praisepraise
So many sweet memories I never want to forget...

Here's some of the moments:

Here's a couple clips I saved from my Instagram stories! @abigailaviva



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