Morning Routine

I’ve been wayyyyyy off my routine lately. The mornings that I get up before my babes and have my quiet time with Jesus change my day. Also fitness. It's therapy for me. I’ve had some holy moments of major breakthrough just by exercising on my wonky exercise machine in my bedroom, listening to worship or a bible teaching. Like gut wrenching, healing moments. I need it. My health is a constant battle I’m fighting for because my body has been weakened and sick for so many years. It's two steps forward, one step back, although some days it’s more like two steps forward, 10 steps back. I’ve learned a lot throughout this journey though and I’m incredibly grateful for where it’s brought me. I wouldn’t have sought for answers that led me to this giant community I’m part of now without going through the messy parts of life. So I’m forever thankful. 

But back to my morning routine...
When I'm in the right groove, I will get up before my kiddos, make coffee and something to eat (which is constantly changing lately because I have so many food allergies and restrictions). I will get on the couch with my favorite blanket and bible and journal and I'll put on oils like sacred frank or gratitude or believe or joy (just to name a few), pray and get my mind on the Lord. Often times my son Uly will sneak out in the early mornings, just like he's done since he was a baby and able to crawl out of his crib, and he finds me in my quiet times with the Lord, which I fully believe has been divinely woven into the story that the Lord is writing in his life. But that's a whole other story to tell. 

I'm a work-from-home-mama, which is a blessing for sure but also can add a little need to get creative for when I need to get work done while being surrounded by children (and loud noises). Getting pockets of time in the morning while the house is still quiet(er) and starting my day first with the Lord is key. If I start working before I've had time in the Word and in prayer, the day always seems harder and I'm looking more like a grumpy cat than a joyful mama. So I need it.

I also need to exercise. I'm not a super fitness guru and most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing but I know for the sake of my health, heart, mind and emotions I need to push myself physically. There's something amazing that happens when I push and sweat while listening to worship or a bible teaching. I'm a "feeler" (or if you've done the color test, I'm a giant yellow) so it's one of the few times that I'm not trying to hold up the world and carry all the things on my shoulders. (any big feelers out there?)  When I'm distracted by my own need to survive that workout (maybe dramatic? haha), it opens my heart to hearing from the Lord because I stop listening to all the extra noises and can center on Jesus (and survival... ha).

If I can't get my early morning time in first thing in the morning then I'll go from my workout to my quiet time in my bedroom. However it happens, I need it and crave it. It's the time that I get the most clarity and vision for my life. When I'm struggling or lack creativity or feel stuck in life or business, everything seems to come back into clarity in the presence of Jesus. There are several things that I know the Lord has called me to and when I'm striving in my own strength or wisdom or thoughts, it will never compare to the strength, wisdom and thoughts that come from Jesus. My own striving only leaves me feeling unable, never enough and that the things before me are impossible. But time in His presence gives me life and reminds me that I'm more than enough because He lives in me and that nothing is impossible. I can get distracted too easily but coming back to my time with the Lord is like coming home again. No matter where I've traveled or lived and no matter what highs or lows or joys or losses I've experienced, the same constant calm and peace that feels so familiar to me is only found in Jesus. He is my constant. He is my hope. He is my home no matter where I go.

We will always make time for what is important to us. So making time to get with Jesus, to exercise, to take care of this body that the Lord gave me, even in the confusion of health issues, is so important. 
So here's a few tips that have helped me along the way:

1) Turn your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed. Set your alarm to wakeup early. Don't turn your phone back on until after you've had your time with the Lord. Do it everyday and it will become a habit that you crave.

2) Get cozy. Have your favorite bible and journal and keep them near your cozy spot so they are easy to grab in the morning without waking up little kiddos. And while we're on that subject, make sure your coffee beans are ground the night before and your coffee maker is ready so that the morning is as quiet as possible.

3) Breathe in some oils. The Bible has so many verses on anointing yourself and the temples always had incense and oils going constantly. There are parts of our brains that are only accessed through scents and God, being the Creator, had his people using things to cleanse and awaken minds through using scents while in the temple. So I want to too! It takes only a few seconds but makes such a difference. 

4) Give yourself grace. Don't feel guilty if you miss a day. Just start fresh the next day (or have your quiet time at night). Don't feel guilty for turning on a show for your kids to watch while you have your quiet time! Turn on something and get alone with the Lord.

5) Take care or your physical body. Exercise, drink water, nourish it with foods that help. I've heard that with everything you eat or drink you're either fighting disease or feeding disease. So nourish your body with the foods and supplements that fight disease and support your body. 

6) Fill your mind with truth all throughout the day. Listen to worship music or a podcast or read a good book. Write scripture down and place it in areas that you'll see it and that your brain will read it in your own handwriting. Remind yourself of truth and the promises that God has for you. 

So I'm getting back into my groove again and it feels so good. There's that phrase that says you can either say "one day or day one". I love that. So you can pick, either one day or make today day one.


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