Tis the season for all the 
cozy holiday scents from Fall all the way to Christmas! But ditch the plug-ins and scented candles and start diffusing instead! We have diffusers in every room of our home and it smells like a dream in here! 

Here's some helpful reasons why you need to ditch and switch from popular brands like Yankee Candle and Bath + Body Works and diffuse your Young Living oils instead:

“Did you know that Bath & Body Works has a 13-page document on how HARMFUL their wallflower plugins are?
They cause DAMAGE to your organs and to unborn children. 
fun fact: people that work in IVF labs aren't allowed to wear perfume, fragrance, use synthetic scented hand soaps, lotions, etc. Because it's PROVEN and KNOWN to cause HARM to unborn children (and born/living humans as well!) 
Also causes female organ issues, respiratory issues, cancer, & wayyyyyy more.
Stop using poison in your home and wondering why you have headaches, sinus issues, respiratory issues, and hormonal issues. Synthetic fragrance is PROVEN to cause these issues!”

And here's another article on why we need to
ditch candles:

Here's some Dreamy Winter Diffuser Blends to try!

If you don't have oils yet, let's get you started sis!!

Hope you have the best Wednesday!!


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