If you’re goal is to blend in, be average, fly under the radar, stay small and not achieve your potential, do these things:

• Keep your camera off and say thing like, “I look horrible”, “I’m cooking dinner”, “I’m multitasking so I can’t have it on”, “I’m not ready for the day so I’ll just post graphics to show up”. 🤡

• Make excuses (I’m busy, I need a break, I’m overwhelmed, I don’t wanna be salesy, I don’t know what to do)

• Don’t get ready for the day. Stay in soft clothes without hair/makeup on so you can have a reason to keep your camera off. (preaching to myself, yo 🤡)

• Tell yourself that no one is watching and that it doesn’t matter what you do today. 

🔥 BUT IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP, prove the naysayers wrong, exceed expectations, lead others towards freedom and rank the heck up, do these things:

💥 Turn your camera on. Turn it on for zoom calls. Turn it on for social media. Treat everything like a real job (cuz it is). Would you show up to a real meeting, presentation, gathering, store front in jammies, holding pots and pans, no makeup and hair undone? No way! You would pick your outfit, get cute, and prep yourself to be social and presentable because you owned the freaking company and it matters to you! 

💥 You won’t make any excuses to get out of working or to play small that day. You know that everything you need in this business is already given to you in our groups and app and it’s only a search bar away. You believe that what you do matters. You recognize that this is (again) your freaking business and you will find a way out of anything that comes your way because your family and your company depend on it. 

💥 You take pride in what you do! You show up as the boss, professional, with character, integrity and consistently so that your team and customers trust you! 

💥 You go first. You become your dream builder by doing what you wish others were doing. You don’t complain about others on your team (what they are or aren’t doing) because you know it’s only a distraction and not worth your energy. You put your focus and energy where there is life and movement and you continually look for opportunities to create more of it! This shows your team what the real work looks like by YOU being a real life example. 

💥 You place yourself in a position to keep learning, growing and then teaching others what you’re learning. 

I could go on and on, but truly, if you want to be successful in this business, do the work. Treat it like a real business by showing up for it. I see so many people give themselves excuses for this business (ex: I’m overwhelmed, I’m busy, I don’t like social media, I’m an introvert, I don’t like parties, I don’t want to be salesy, I don’t want to pursue people, I just want it to come naturally, I don’t have time, I have a baby, I don’t have kids, I have too many kids, I have another job, I__ but then show up for other people’s expectations in another job or ministry or event or someone else’s dream while putting their own dreams on the impossible/ridiculous list and give up on this. 

If you really want this, you have to really show up in a way that proves it to yourself and to those watching that you’re serious. Make it a priority. Put things on the calendar and do them. Plan out your time. Communicate your work schedule with your spouse/family. You know your husband’s schedule so he should know yours. Families are a team that should work together for their dreams, sacrifice for each other and hold each other accountable. Communication is key. 


but it will require work.

and it’s so worth it. 

this isn’t an overnight business.

it takes time and consistency.

don’t quit before the magic happens. 

keep going. 






  1. This is soooo good! I love it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    LET’S LEVEL UP!!! 🤩


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