There’s so much stirring deep in my soul right now that I believe is from God. I’ve spent hours before the Lord, all within the life of my home and children, seeking Him, asking Him to speak, up through the night and early mornings, trying to write as much as I can and struggling to be able to write as fast as my thoughts are coming. God is moving. I feel it in my bones. I believe He is going after the hearts of mothers on behalf of their children in big ways and I’m here for it.

I’ve known for months leading up to this year that God was moving powerfully. I’ve written about it, shared it with friends, family, coworkers. THIS YEAR IS HIS. On day two the enemy came for it but he came for the wrong mother and the wrong family. 

There is something powerful about speaking out our words. They bring life and death (proverbs 18:21). God used words to create life and we are made in His image— so our words hold power too.

So this is me, saying out loud, that I’m not afraid and I won’t bow to fear or intimidation or allow the enemy to have any authority over me, my thoughts or my family. This mother is set apart for God’s glory. This family is set apart for God’s glory. This year is His.

I want to encourage any mother reading these words to verbally speak out and declare, so the enemy hears you, that you will not be intimidated or bow to fear. That you and your family, marriage and home are set apart for His glory. Be bold, mamas. 

We’ve spent days and hours seeking the face of God. We have set apart times of prayer and fasting, desperate to be in His presence. We’ve seen miracles in our home as we’ve gathered our children in wild, bold faith together — and He has met with us. 

Last night we gathered around Lion on the floor of our bedroom. As we all laid hands on him, he curled up on the ground and peacefully laid still while we prayed. It was a moment that will live in my heart forever. 

This year is His. This mother is His. This family is His. This home is His. 



  1. This is so good mama!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 This year is HIS!!!
    I loved that moment with Lion! 🥰
    This year is going to be BIG!!!


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