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Fridays are a favorite around here because we do read aloud stories altogether in the living room. I've been doing this with my kids since my oldest girls were little and we have so many sweet memories and stories that we still talk about. When my older kids were little we would do read aloud stories together every afternoon. It was our “tea time” and we would make tea or coffee and have a little snack or treat and sit together and read. Those are some of my favorite memories. We'd laugh and cry and then laugh because we cried. Oh, I loved those moments so much. And now, as my older kids are growing up we now just do our story time on Fridays. Last week we started going through my oldest daughter's book she's writing which is incredible! She's writing a children's book and reading it to us! We are very invested in her story now and we're all so excited to hear more later today. It's so well written and we are all beaming with pride as we're listening.

Speaking of read aloud, here’s a sweet throwback photo from years ago with my littles during those early read aloud years. 

Another really exciting thing going on for me personally is in my health and energy. As a mama of six I want to be strong and healthy and have enough energy to not just be a mom but to fully enjoy and be present with my kids. I've struggled with my health in different seasons, some lasting years, and it can be so discouraging and depressing and defeating. Some of my hardest years were what pushed me into looking deeper into health and finding Young Living which changed everything for our family in incredible ways. Right before I got pregnant with Oceana, the doctors were wondering if I had thyroid cancer and I went through months of multiple tests and lots of waiting and praying. Thankfully my tests came out clear but  I still have things thyroid related that got worse throughout my last pregnancy and after. So that, mixed with postpartum (I get postpartum depression easily after babies so I'm fighting to get ahead of it this time) and sleepless nights and desperately needing more energy, I started implementing a few things that truly are helping me and I can FEEL the difference!
Here's my list of things helping:
First thing in the morning…
Taking a high quality omega 3 supplement.
Castor oil w/ cayenne pepper over my thyroid for 30min-1hr.
Exercising when I get out of bed.
Listening to the Bible on audio before anything else.
Drinking water (my goal is a gallon a day).
I use clary sage essential oil on my inner ankles before I get out of bed to help balance hormones.
I'm also intermittent fasting.

And I'm about to do a 14 day reset with a whole food supplement that's going to flood my body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The testimonies are incredible! Things like better sleep, lowering inflammation, PCOS symptoms reduced, better eyesight, curbing sugar cravings, less joint pain, less period cramping, lighter periods, better moods, weight loss and the list goes on! 🙀 All while drinking a delicious berry drink! 
Ummmmm, YES, PLEASE!!
If you want to join me, I would LOVE IT! And if you're not a customer yet, I can give you my friends and family discount (meaning you'll get it even cheaper than me!) Just let me know!

Watch this video below:



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