Natural Thyroid Support

I’ve been researching and trying lots of different things to naturally support my thyroid, especially recently, and wanted to share all the things in one place for you to come back to when you need it. 

I also shared a video on my Instagram @theoilsmarket in more detail here:

Thyroid Roller

I used a 15ml roller bottle 

10-30 drops Frankincense (my bottle was almost gone so I didn’t count but add to your preference)

Myrrh (it comes out like honey so I just let some gloop into the bottle (is gloop a word? 😂)

20 drops Lemongrass 

20 drops Cinnamon Bark

Fill the rest with 1/2 Castor oil + 1/2 Rosehip oil

Roll on over thyroid daily (I’m gonna be aggressive and do it every couple of hours)

Castor Oil Roller

I used a glass deodorant roller bottle from Amazon.

1tsp organic cayenne pepper 

Fill the rest with organic castor oil

I roll over thyroid first thing every morning for 30-60 minutes 

Other things I’m doing:

2-3 raw Brazil nuts for the selenium 

Drinking lots of water: goal 1 gallon a day

Intermittent fasting (do your own research and decide what’s best for you)

Walking: goal 10,000 steps a day

Daily drink: Ningxia, Golden Turmeric, Sulfurzyme Powder in water/bubbly water

Other essential oils that are supportive:



Clary Sage 

Essential oils and more below:


Other things mentioned: 

Hope that helps! 

Share it with anyone who needs some thyroid support! ❤️




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