House Projects

Now that we have our own little house, we have been having lots of fun making it feel more like a home by adding little touches to make it feel more personal to us. It's fun not having to ask permission for things but just to go for it! My Hubby is very sweet and has been letting me get super crafty and have fun these days! He's very trusting! Haha! :0) Gotta love a man who isn't afraid of a little paint! :0)

So here are a few little recent projects we've been working on!

The Front Door:

This was the color of our door when we bought it. Kind of an eggplant color. I meant to get a picture before the painting started but my Hubs got to it faster than I could! He was on it!

We painted it with chalkboard paint of all colors! We really liked the charcoal color. I seasoned it and then hated it so we washed it down. I want to add our house numbers to it soon but this is what it looks like now.

I got my craft on and made a yarn wreath for the fall. There is this adorable little boutique in town and they had all these yarn wreaths hanging from the windows and I thought, "Hey, I can make that!" and so I did! :0)

Stairs was our next project:

We live in a tri-level house and these are the stairs leading to our lower level. Our other stairs have carpet but these beauties are cute and vintagy. I really like them but I wanted to add a little something to them. I saw painted wooden stairs on Pinterest and LOVED them so I went for it!

My Hubster helped me tape it off to keep the lines straight.

First I painted the squares white.

Then added the numbers and there you have it! I think they are just too cute! :0)

Anyhoo, that's what been happening in the Cordova home! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

lovelove, Abs


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