Playing in the Leaves

The Fall is my favorite time of year (well maybe tied with Christmas).  It's the start of all things Holiday! The air is more crisp, the leaves are at their peak of beauty, scarves and boots are able to be worn, oven baking makes the house feel extra cozy, blankets and movies while snuggled up to little kiddos and the Hubster, and did I mention the leaves?! Yep, I did but for crying out loud, the leaves are perfection! I wish they would stay on the trees for just a little longer. 

So on this fall day in October, I took my favorite little tikes outside to enjoy the leaves while I took some pictures.  Kids and leaves = awesome fun

Most of the leaves have since blown away so I'm so thankful I have this pictures to remember! Hope you enjoy!

Hope you are having great saturday!
lovelove, Abs


  1. Abbi, you take the BEST pictures. My throat gets lumps when I see how beautiful your babies are. I miss them so much. These pics remind me of when the boys were little and we lived in Fresno. They had piles of leaves to play in, in the park across the street from where we lived on Tollhouse rd. Memories of happier days past!! Thank you for the pictures and the memories you prompted.

  2. Oh! You are just too sweet! I've heard of lots of fun stories from Tollhouse Rd.! I know the Lord has us here for a reason BUT we miss you like crazy! We love you!!


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