Her last day being three...

Tomorrow, my Scarlett Hopey-dope is turning 4!!! Wow!! So since today was her very last day of being 3, we decided to celebrate a little! And in honor of her exiting 3 years old and entering 4 years old, I thought I would share just a few of the funny things she has said as a 3 year old... Hope you enjoy!

Scarlett's words (3yrs)

Samich (sandwich)
Tart/tarting (fart)
Flammy (family)
Rice krippies (Rice Krispies)
Plobly (probably)
Boop (She would say this when she wanted to be held like a baby)
Furray! (hooray!)
Sparkle or Farkle (freckle)
Yummy-O (oatmeal)
Slimming suit (swimming suit)
Whoa-gurt (yogurt)
Mush-mush (mustache)

Horndog (corndog)
Daddy: You need to walk, it's healthy for you.
Scarlett: No it's not.
Daddy: Yes it is
Scarlett: No it's not
Daddy: Yes it is
Scarlett: No it's not! You can't eat it!
Fabrate (favorite)
Bless yous (sneezes)
When singing the worship song "Hosanna" , she sings "Oh Santa, Oh Santa!"
Jelly Beans (refried beans)
Knee bones (chicken bites)
Noodle (needle)
Blow up my window (roll up my window)
I luff you! (I love you)
Scarlett  heard someone say,"It was like a little piece of heaven." And Scarlett gasped and said, "They got a tiny piece of heaven?!  I want a HUUUUGE piece of heaven!"
"You're the best Mama cuz you have Jesus in your heart, right? When you have babies in your tummies and they get sick, then they throw up on Jesus, right?  Cuz He's in your heart, right?"
Tank hort (tank top )
Scarlett said she wished she was ginormous so she could reached to heaven. I asked her why she wanted to go to heaven and she said that she wanted to see God and Jesus. I asked what she wanted to do and she said that she wants to play hide-and-seek with the angels.
Love her!!!
Tony told me I was hot and Scarlett said "Mom, you're warm!"
She was running up to her Daddy and yells, " Ahhh! I gotta fart on thee Dad!"
I asked her why she had to fart on her Dad and she said, " Well I can't fart on thee Mom!"
Good logic, at least for this Mom!

She is one of THEE funniest kiddos I've ever met. She has SO much personality and keeps our family laughing. She is all princess. Her favorite color is "rainbow". She is a prayer warrior. She loves her Jesus! You can read about it here. We are so incredibly blessed to have her a part of our crew. Oh, and if you ask her what her full name is she says, "I'm Scarlett Hopey-dope Cordova!" I love her to the moon and back!

Here are a couple of videos from today:


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