Crafty Days

Just call me a "hand-made-n" of the Lord! {winky stinky} But seriously, I'm a handmade junky. I love making shtuff and gettin' my crafty on.

I'm super thankful to have kiddos that like what I come up with too! Cuz they could just laugh if they wanted to. Some of my monster-lovies look like a kids drawing in 3D. Everything I do is by hand too because I don't know how to use a sewing machine. Sad truth right there. My life would be so much easier if i did know how. My hubby scored me a sweet vintage sewing machine a few months back BUT I still don't know the how to use it. Ah well....

Having boys {eeeekkkk!!! Still so fun saying that!! Cannot wait to meet this new little cooker!!!} has made me love Where the Wild Things Are even more then when I was a kiddo. It's just so "boy". Such little cute-pants-monsters those boys can be. I love love love it! So first up was a blanket for the little dude inspired by the book. My Hubby helped me too!

He helped draw it out for me. Awe.

It's super soft and snuggly. The "A" I left without cutting out the middle because it reminded me of the book as well.

The next blanket I made for the little tike was american inspired. It's more for me then him I think. I love flags and american themed stuff these days. I think it all grew on me when we lived in Colorado Springs around so much military. I heart it. :0) I also LOVE stripes and white so this cookie is things I like all wrapped into one!
So here's the patriotic themed blanket/quilt with a raggy edge for the goober-doober. I'll probably wrap the kid up in this and start singing, "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died and paid that price for me..." I can really overdue it on that song. hehe. Just ask my husband! Vegas + that song + awesome fountain show outside the Bellagio + this girl = fun times! This baby is in for a real treat! ;0)



Here's the monster mashups now:

This first one was for our friends' little guy who turned one. They probably gave it to their dog as a chew toy but it was made with love. hehe.
I love raggy things so these guys were made to get a little raggy-taggy the more they get loved on. 

This one is even more raggy {especially the cloth arms} and is part bunny part monster. The little patch in the middle was Mo's request. She said it's like a tie and we can call him "Mr. Bunny". She's cute like that. 

Don't worry... He's not peeing ;0)

That's it for now. On to new things. Later gator.

lovelove, Abs


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