41 Weeks Tomorrow

Yep... My little wild thing is still inside my tum-tum.  41 long weeks tomorrow. Yowza. I am more than ready to see his face, smooch his cuteness, squeeze his sweetness, and smell his newborn-ness.  Nothing more precious than having a sleeping newborn curled up on your chest snoozing away. Ahhhhhh.... I can't wait!

This pregnancy has been SO much easier than my last, BUT it's still pregnancy which ain't on easy street, yo! ;0)  I really really really do not like being pregnant. Some women are blessed and have it fairly easy but not this Mama. I'm sick for days upon days, I have pain all over my body, I have heartburn that feels like it's gonna burn a hole through my throat, I can't sleep, can barely turn in bed from one side to the other, I get really lightheaded easily, I get crazy sciatic nerve pain which makes it difficult to stay active, and during this pregnancy I have intense pain in my hands during the day and especially through the night that make my hands pretty much unusable. It's like I have claws for hands. It's total bananas. And my joints pop in and out of place in my hands. My feet and hands swell like a puffer fish.  I can keep going but I think ya get the picture. Oh, and the ending is that I get to push a human out of my body. It's really a magical time. ;0)

BUT, with all that and more to be said, it really is worth it all in that perfect moment that I see that amazing, wrinkled, squishy face that I've been waiting forever to see. It blows my mind every time I have a baby that that kiddo was just inside of me and now they are here, right in front of me, making me all weepy and full to overflowing in love again. God is crazy creative to think this all up.

I know that I am blessed to be able to have children. As much as I can complain about the discomforts of the pregnancy, I know so many that would give anything to be just as sick and miserable, knowing that a baby comes in the end. I never want to take it for granted, ever. 

God has blessed me with the raddest little humans in the universe. I get to be their Mommy. Blows my mind. I'm forever thankful to Jesus for this calling on my life. The little years are hard and sleepless and feel like the movie "Groundhog Day" most of the time BUT they also are the fastest of years and include the sweetest of moments that one day I know I will look back on and miss so much. Sticky kisses, diaper booties running wild and free, baby snuggles, tiny voices, finger prints on the windows, drawings on everything but paper, messes on the floor, 3am wake-ups to calm a little heart, rocking a tiny one back to sleep... ALL of it I will miss when time has made my babies into real life grown-ups. I could cry already about it.  I really love these little years. I am SO in love with my children. I can't believe that the Lord chose ME to raise them.  It's amazing. I'm so thankful.

This little wild thing in me I can't wait to meet. We've hit some heavy storms in the past 2-3 years and we aren't out of the storms yet, BUT this little guy has given us a little hope and a little light in the darkness and unknown. All our kids have. I could complain about a lot right now, but when I stop and look at my children, I just have to be thankful. God is good to this lady, despite my many moments of weaknesses, faithlessness, bitterness, lack of thankfulness, hopelessness, and the moments I choose to see my issues as being bigger than His abilities.  He is full of grace towards me, His mercies are new every morning, He loves me as I am while pushing me to be more like Him even when He knows I'm gonna make a stink about it, and He gives me the best of gifts.

Now that I'm about to be 41 weeks, this little ponchinello is gonna have to come out this week whether he wants to or not. We are all SO very very excited. This family is ready to add another to the bunch. I just wish I could magically skip the whole labor part. :0)

I'll keep you posted!! Pray!! 

lovelove, Abs


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