He's Two Months Old

Guys, my boy is already two months old! Bananas. These past two months have been so sweet with him in our lives. I am forever thankful to Jesus for picking us to be this boy's family. He is just about the most perfect human being there has ever been. He makes having four kiddos easy as pie. Seriously, he does. He is such a sweetheart. He has the softest little cry that makes you just wanna say, "awwwwww" and he rarely fusses. He spits up a ton but doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He smiles and coos and even had a little giggle today when I was talking to him! {heart melt} He loves to be held and at the same time doesn't throw a fit if he's in a swing or bouncer. He sleeps well through the night (I'm up more with his big brother than with him at night) and even when he does wake up to nurse, he has this precious tiny cry that is actually sweet to wake up to. When he's done nursing he falls right back asleep. The time I'm up through the night is actually a time that I really thank the Lord for because it's the only time that the whole house is peacefully quiet and I can really focus in my prayers. It's a sweet time that I can pray specifics for my husband and children and others and not be distracted by the things around me. I adore this little nugget!

Happy two months, my sweet little Maximus Caius! You are so loved.


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