He's 4 months old!

Our sweet little nugget is 4 months old today.
Time with this boy is flying much too fast for this Mama.
With all my other kiddos I was eagerly awaiting the next big thing in baby world, like sleeping through the night, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking and so on.
Not with this guy though.
I ask him everyday to stay little.
He is the baby and I want to keep him that way.
I'm enjoying every moment of him.
Soaking in all his sweet smells 
and little noises 
and itty-bitty-ness
and I just can't get enough of him.
I munch on his perfect baby cheeks all 
the live long day.
I am in love.
We all are.
Happy 4 months, Maximus!

Here are some pictures {obviously}.

Yesterday we did a little impromptu picture taking of this little babe and I was able to sneak in some with all four of my kiddos which I love seeing. Plus, my Mo snapped a quick one of Max and me right before I had to run after Uly who was attempting to escape the Mommy photog session. He's a fast one!

This next one I love! They look so unamused and over this picture taking shenanigan but those faces are my favorite little babes in the whole wide world. Mommyhood isn't always perfectly smiling children in color coordinating clean clothes. Sometimes they look at you like this and you still freak out because you love the snot rockets outta them. Eeeeeep! 



  1. Abs, the ways you love your babies just fills my heart!! You are a precious girl!


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