Maximus is 6 months old!

So this sweet sweet Maximus Caius of ours just keeps on growing up even though this Momma keeps telling him to quit. 
Why can't babies, puppies and kitties all just stay little, right?!
It's no wonder that I have four little tikes and still want more cuz these babes are just the best. Not that my life is all roses and chocolate and sunshine, cuz I definitely get frazzled and go a wee bit bonkers and feel like a lame-pants Mom when I respond like a crazy horse when I should be showing grace and Jesus *but* motherhood is a gift that I am blessed to have been given and it stretches me in ways that nothing else in this world could do. I'm so thankful to Jesus that He has given me this calling. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ok, so back to my boy...
He is still known around the house as "the perfect one" because he is perfect. For reals, people. He is. 
Maximus is scooting his little gluteus maximus around now backwards {Eeeeep!}
and can sit up like a big boy! 
He smiles for days, screams very loudly, belly laughs, loves his binkie, loves his blankie/spit-up rag, loves his rattles, and he lights up around his family. So precious! And I've got a little Momma's BOOOYYYYYYY! Holllllaaa! 
Scarlett told me the other day, "Mom, you're like my hero." When I asked her why she said, "You're like a super hero cuz any time Macky is crying, you always can make him stop and that makes you my hero."
She's a gem, that one!

So here are the little dude's 6 months pictures from this morning:

So there ya have it... he's halfway to being a one year old and as much as I wanna cry about it going too fast, I'm loving the journey I'm on with this perfect little man. 



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