Living in what you prayed for...

“We live in a comparison culture and whenever you fall into the trap of comparison, you could be living in the blessing of what you prayed for last year but no longer appreciate it because you don’t have what someone else has.” (Bill Johnson) 

I had some really tearful and honest conversations with the Lord this morning. This photograph is a tangible picture to my memories of just how far our family has come. This picture was taken by my oldest when I was singing to my youngest while he was crying... a sweet moment captured but the behind-the-scenes of this was a mama that was broken and sad and confused and weary and hopeless in many areas. It was an incredibly heavy time for our family and we hadn’t even walked in the worst of it yet. I had very gut wrenching prayers that I was asking the Lord to answer and looking back now, I’m living in ALL of those prayers being answered. Every single one! He heard every word that I spoke and even the words I couldn’t speak. He heard and He answered. Not in ways I expected but in the ways we needed. Yet I can get so focused in comparison that I forget the miracles He’s done and take for granted the very things I prayed about for years. I’m so thankful His grace covers me daily and that He never stops pursuing me. #graceupongrace

(from my Instagram @abigailaviva)


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