Natural Cleaners for the Home

I used to love watching Cinderella as a little girl and would pretend to be her and clean all the things while also making chore charts for my family that nobody followed. haha!
There might be a little bit of Monica Geller in me somewhere.

I've always been interested in natural cleaners but felt intimated for some reason, like "will this really clean" kinda thinking. I've been sold on marketing in all the stores that you need heavy chemicals to really clean and disinfect and yet I always think about how God created everything we could ever need in nature. He's a good good Father and provides for us always. It's not like God was limited and waiting for man to create chemicals and toxins for us to really clean well, right? I also have watched too many "end of the world/zombie" movies (thanks, hubby) and think, "ok so if everything as we know it went away and we had to go back to living off the land, what would we do?" haha! 

And then there was that Newsweek article that said this:  “IMPACT OF CLEANING PRODUCTS ON WOMEN'S LUNGS AS DAMAGING AS 20-A-DAY CIGARETTE HABIT”
That's just crazy!!!

So here's what we do and use as a family in our home. These are tried and true ingredients and all natural. Safe for the whole family, from the littlest to the oldest. They also support our bodies at the same time which is so amazing!

Thieves Household Cleaner 
(1 capful and fill the rest of your glass bottle w/ water)
I literally use this on EVERY surface in my home.

White Vinegar:
Add to dishwasher, laundry, spray bottles, toilets 
Helps with smells and to get whites whiter

Baking Soda:
Add to anywhere that you need an extra scrub! This works SO well! 
Tubs, toilets, counters, sinks and more!

Essential Oils:
Thieves, Purification, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree
Diffuse, add to baking soda when scrubbing, drop in garbage cans, garbage disposal

Castile Soap:
I love using this to make handsoap + dishsoap + dishwasher soap.
You can even make shampoo with it but I prefer to buy mine already made ;0)

Thieves Handsoap (I'm OBSESSED!!!)
Thieves Dish Soap
Thieves Laundry Soap

The Aria Diffuser

That's it!

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Happy cleaning!!




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