Rest or Running? What season are you in?

The Bible talks about the Lord as our Shepherd leading us beside still waters. And it also talks about running with endurance the race set before us.  It says to work as working unto the Lord and that our good works should point others to Him and glorify Him. Our aim should be to do our work in a way that shows so much excellence, that it glorifies the CREATOR! I love that! 

So it’s both. There are seasons or rest and seasons of running. 

I was listening to a podcast and she said there are SEASONS of HEALTHY IMBALANCE. Meaning that in seasons of wanting growth and running for that goal, that race set before you that God is calling you to step into, we will have to do it in some imbalances. 

So many people look for the balance in the crazy and it’s just not there *if* you are also wanting to grow in ministry, motherhood, work, writing, fill-in-the-blank-thing you are pursuing. 

Just like scales that are balanced, still, not moving, SO ARE WE if we are trying to find the magical unicorn of “balance” in a season we also want to grow/excel/move forward in what we are called to do. 

And then there are seasons or rest where He leads us beside still waters and restores our souls, just like the psalmist says. 

Last year was a season of rest. This year is a season of running. And I’m excited and expectant and pumped for what’s to come!

What season are you in? Rest or Running? I’d love to hear!!


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