Be Bold. Be Unshakable.

Christ is my firm foundation. I know what I heard. I’m unwavering. I’m unshaken. I know where I’m going because I know Who is leading me.

I know the call. I know the anointing. I feel and see His favor. And in a season of perceived shaking, my husband looked at me as we were driving in the car and said, 

“God is removing people that aren’t a part of your promise.” 🙌🏼

He is moving and stirring and shaking things up to further His kingdom and His glory and I’m here for it all.

Whatever it is that God is calling you to do with your life, hold tightly to it and don’t allow anyone else’s voice to distract you or persuade you otherwise.

Be ready. Be bold. Purpose in your heart to be unshakable to the call on your life. It’s time to see impossible things become possible. 🔥



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