Trust God’s voice in your life

 After years of difficult situations and conversations in and out of ministry and business, here’s some things we’ve learned along the way…

(Long story short, trust God’s voice in your life. If you seek Him, you will find Him. He’s good. He loves you. He’s for you. He wants to speak to you. ❤️)

Something that is so beautiful about the body of Christ and the people of God is how radically different each of our individual callings can be. One person is called to serve on the mission field in a foreign country while another is called to serve on a stage or to write books. One person is called to serve coffee in the name of Jesus or to work in an office building or to work online in a network marketing business while another is called to serve in the home raising the next generation or to live in a certain neighborhood. It’s all different and unique.

The mission of Christianity will always be to live, love and serve sacrificially like Jesus, but then each person and family has their own individual calling and anointing on their lives. 

It’s beautiful.

But then there are those who get a little misguided and think that their unique calling is everyone’s calling and end up casting judgment, condemnation and even go as far as to demonize someone else’s choices if it doesn’t align with theirs. That’s unbiblical and dangerous ground. 

Someone may have a conviction to stop doing something or to leave a place of business or to move to a different city or go to another church. Awesome. Do it. Follow your gut and stand firm in your conviction. But your conviction isn’t God’s Word to everyone else. You gotta trust that the Holy Spirit will do His job and convict and stir up the hearts He wants to. 

The same people that refuse to shop at target because they don’t sell Bibles or say Merry Christmas, still buy their gas from gas stations that don’t sell Bibles or say Merry Christmas either. The same people that refuse to buy a product from a company because an employee has a different faith than they do, still buy groceries from loads of different people of different faiths. 😬 Hey, their conviction is their conviction and even if it’s a little up and down, it’s theirs and they can have it. But please don’t let their conviction cause you to feel like something is wrong with YOU. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and convict you where needed. Trust your own relationship with God. 

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold From those who walk uprightly.” -Psalm 84:11

Advice someone gave us years ago, while we were in the process of leaving a ministry that was really toxic and hurtful, were these simple words: “Stay classy.” And those words have stayed with us ever since. We can choose freely whatever God is calling us to or anointing us to accomplish, but let’s stay classy. Someone else’s calling isn’t mine and my calling isn’t theirs and that’s what keeps life interesting.  It’s also what keeps the gospel being shared into all the earth, right?! If we’re all called to the same church or place of business, things would be way too lopsided and boring. 😂✌🏽

 I know I was called to marry my man but it would be silly for me to say that because I know I was called, that means everyone else I know was also called to marry him. Nope. I don’t share. And that would be ridiculous to assume that my calling or direction I felt led in is now everyone else’s direction, right?! 

This is where our personal relationship with God really matters. The Bible says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10:27) HIS VOICE. Not our friend’s or pastor’s or favorite influencer’s voice. We hear HIS VOICE for us individually and we follow HIM. 

“Hurt people hurt people” and “Scared people scare people”.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a SOUND MIND.” 

-2 Timothy 1:7

We shouldn’t let someone else’s fear cause us to make a fear-based decision. 

If someone is making you feel anxious or scared or you have major fomo or you’re worried what other’s will think, that is your body literally warning you and telling you to slow down, breathe, get alone with God and make a decision only after you feel that peace in your soul that comes from being in HIS PRESENCE.

And whatever you decide between you and the Lord, be firm, unshakable, bold but also live it out by the fruit of the Spirit in kindness, gentleness and self control. Your calling and conviction is yours before the Lord. We never need to be a punk-butt (as we say in our home 🤣) to others if they don’t hold to the same beliefs, convictions or callings. 

“God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” -James 4:6


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