New Easter Traditions

New Easter Traditions…
Every year, on Easter weekend, we go to my Mom’s church on Saturday for a BBQ and Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos.  We meet up with my Mom and brother, Nathan and his wife and kids.  I look forward to it every year!  Then on Sunday, we go to church and remember and celebrate that our Lord and Savior died and rose again for our sins!  Jesus is alive!! Very exciting!  After the service we go to our friend’s orchard for the annual “Barrett’s Easter Egg Hunt” and hang out with some of our favorite friends.  After that we go back to our house and have another hunt with Tony’s side of the family.  Easter is one of my favorite times of the year and something that has always had awesome memories with family and friends. 
We are usually so busy doing things with so many people that we don’t do the “typical” Easter traditions at home, like egg decorating and baking cookies.  This year, since we are living so far from everyone, I decided to make it as fun as possible for the girls at home so that being away from everything that’s familiar wouldn’t be so sad.  If not for them, then for me!  I’m missing everyone so much and Easter will only remind me even more…
We had a little girlie day and painted eggs with stickers and glitter in the kitchen and then baked some “not so much homemade” bunny cookies topped off with some chocolate milk!  The girls had a blast and I loved watching their excitement as they created their masterpieces!  I’ve avoided the whole egg dying process every year because of how messy it becomes, so we do other crafty things.  This year I decided to give in and I’m thankful I did!  They we so amazed watching the eggs change colors and it reminded me of when I was little… dying eggs was one of my favorite things to do!
This weekend will be busy but also very exciting to be a part of!  Good Friday service, Saturday egg hunt for the kids at church, and then 4 Easter services on Sunday morning!! This year is surrounded by lots of new experiences for our whole family, but one thing remains the same and that is Jesus!
Praying you all have a blessed Easter, remembering all that Jesus has done for the world and rejoicing that we serve a risen King!

*** If you have tiny ones in your home, here is a cute little song that Scarlett learned in her class on Sunday!  It’s really cute and both of my girls ask to sing it over and over again! :0)
We’re Happy Jesus Is Alive
(sung to the tune of “London Bridge”)
Jesus is alive today                                                                 
Clap your hands
Shout “Hooray”
Jesus is alive today
We’re so happy

Jesus is alive today
Touch your toes
Shout “Hooray”
Jesus is alive today
We’re so happy


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