10 days till D day!

The family is still fighting this nasty cold so it's good that this nameless baby hasn't come yet... at least that's what I keep telling myself! Man-O-man though, this kiddo is making me pray more and more each day that he comes out! I have lots of prayer warriors, which is a blessing! Yesterday, Tony told me that the pastors were praying him out during the early morning prayer time so I was so thankful and blessed to hear that.

I've been counting contractions the last few nights with them coming every 3-7 minutes for about an hour or more and then they just stop coming. I think the "inside-man" thinks he's a little warrior already because whenever I start getting contractions, my already very active baby becomes a strong defender of the womb and fights back even harder!  My insides feel bruised after and hour of that!  If he thinks he's protecting his Mama though, I want him to pull a "William Wallace" by shouting, "FREEEEDOOOOM!!!" and get outta dodge! ;0)

My Scarlett Hopey is quite the snuggle bug these days too. She's been wanting me to hold her more often, she takes lots of playtime breaks to come lay on me and she's been sleeping on me more often then normal.  It's funny too because usually when I'm holding her, the little guys kicks back which makes Scarlett's head bounce back and forth.  She doesn't seems to notice or at least care when it happens but I think it's pretty cute... and a little weird too!

Moriyah is very excited for this little one to come! She prays every night for him which I love! It was cute yesterday, when we were in the car, she was talking to her sister and said, "Scarlett, are you ready to be a big sister?" Scarlett said "No, I the baby" and Moriyah replied with, "Well I can't work with two babies, Scarlett!"  :0)

We are on baby watch everyday, hoping for the best... Either way I know that he'll be here soon, although the pessimist in me feels like the day will never come.  I keep reminding myself that I need to trust the Lord for His timing in this whole process.  He knows when my little boy's birth day will be, so I just need to keep my focus on Him, my hope in Him, and be thankful that everyday he is in my womb means that he is getting stronger and will be a healthier baby when he actually does arrive.

I also have a pretty radical-badical Husband which makes life that much sweeter! He's been feeling horrible with this cold but he still is doing everything he can to help me with whatever he can.  Whether it's cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, foot rubs, or just saying sweet things to encourage me, he's pretty much the man!!  I love my Tony!  I'm a very blessed wifey!

We'll keep you posted!


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