15 days till D day!

The day is getting closer and closer to meeting my son for the first time! I'm so excited and a bit nervous at the same time, knowing that to see him I have to go through labor... wish I could skip that part!

It still amazes me that I have a tiny human kicking around inside of me! Such a crazy thing that pregnancy is!  I am so in love with my children and I want a quiver full, but I really really don't like being pregnant.  This 3rd time around has been a doozie too! All my babies have been very active in the womb but this little guy has got his sisters beat by far! Plus, I've been so sick throughout this whole pregnancy that I cannot wait to be done!  I've been getting contractions every day which make it hard to walk or even stand at times, but they aren't close enough together to be in active labor... but enough to make life much more challenging to say the least!  It is sweet though because my little Scarlett comes running to me and kisses my belly almost every time, so it has some perks! :0)  I do feel about a useful as a beached whale at this stage though... I'm big, lots of people like to look and comment, nobody really can help, and I'm just waiting for the blessed day this is all over! :-p

We also are talking about different names for our man-child.  We were set on Tiberias but before he has even been born, he's been called Ty and TJ which I really don't like! Especially TJ! If I wanted my son to be called letters, I would at least call him "LMNOP" since that's the best part of the alphabet to say! ;0) But yeah, this Mommy no likey!  So we are trying to rethink his name... This boy thing is harder then I thought though! So many girl names that I love but Tony and I have yet to agree on a boy name.  I am hoping that when I see his face that I'll know... Oh I just can't wait to meet him!  My girl's birth days have been some of my most favorite moments in the world and I can't wait to add his day to my list!

With 15 days until my due date, and many prayers that he comes sooner, I am trying to patiently wait... We've all been fighting a little cold the last few days so I am doing my best to make sure we have lots of vitamins in our system and that we are resting the best we can too.  I would be so sad to have this little guy while my family is sick since they wouldn't be able to come to the hospital.  So we are slowly on the road to recovery...

Although 2 weeks is really not that much time, everyday that I'm pregnant feels like eternity being this uncomfortable... Soon though!  I can't wait!  Please keep all of us in prayer as the day approaches!


  1. Miss you sweet mommy! I will be praying for the big day!

  2. You are such a strong person. You are an amazing young Lady!!


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