My little gardener

Having a boy is so different than having my girls. There is a lot more dirt involved. The only time he is clean is when he is fresh out of a bath but as soon as he's dressed, he's off finding more things to get into and get dirty. I love it. When my girls were little, they HATED getting dirty. Moriyah, at  the beach, would scream if she touched the sand so we would have to set her on a chair that was on a large blanket and she wouldn't leave that spot! And my Scarlie girl didn't like getting her hands messy either. Things have changed now and the girls love playing outside and having tea parties with dirt and mud. This boy thing is fun though. I'm in love with this bundle of goodness. He's AH-mazing! and he loves to explore! So cute!

I LOVE this Face!

Here's my sweet 7 year old:

And now for my Scarlie-warlie-pants!

 She's a silly goober!

And lastly, they found a little mouse, belly up.
They put grass over it's little body and flowers around it.
They said some kind words.
Wrote things down on a sticky note.
Said a prayer.
It was a beautiful service. :0)
They are precious.

This was a snippet of our day yesterday. I love these little years and I'm already a wee bit sad that it won't last forever. I love being a Mom, especially their Mom. It's a pretty cool gig! :0)

I find so much joy just watching them. It's good for the soul to just be still and watch your kids doing their kid thing. My kids are so sweet, creative, full of expression, so much energy, full of imagination, with the raddest laughs, awesome in every way and endless other things. It's just plain fun to watch. Someday they won't be my little kiddos playing in my yard but for now they are and I want to soak up every minute of it.

Let your dishes sit a minute and go watch your kids play... It's worth it.  You'll miss it someday!

lovelove~ abs


  1. It's ok when they grow up though, because eventually it leads to expanded family and precious Grand babies.... your heart is filled all over again-you're in for a treat!!


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