Scarlett turned 10!!!

TEN! She’s been waiting for this day her whole life it seems. A real life tween. Double digits. So mature as she chats with her big sister and yet she still can play and be silly and goofy with her little brothers. We all crowded around her bed last night to tell her all of our favorite things about her before getting prayed over. She is so wildly loved by us all. Our lives are each so much sweeter with her joyful presence in our daily lives. Sassy and sweet with just the right amount of spice! 

She’s always been silly. When she first learned to walk, one of her favorite things to do was put a clear bucket over her head and dance in the kitchen. Cutest thing ever! She makes silly voices, she dances as soon as music comes on, she laughs hard and brings the fun everywhere she goes!

She has the biggest heart. She feels everything deeply, while trying to stay really strong at the same time... but all mama has to do is just ask if she’s ok and then she melts into a puddle of tears, for happy things and for hard things. She gets distracted washing dishes but so beautifully focuses on people and loves to just talk. Like all the live long day. 
And the sweetest thing ever: when this mama forgot to put money under her little brother’s pillow in the night after losing a tooth, he came out so sad to tell me, and she snuck HER OWN money under his pillow and called him back in! His day was made and I was standing there going from massive guilt to overwhelming pride to see my daughter’s heart in full effect. Gahhhhh!

 TEN YEARS of sweet Scarlett goodness. Beyond thankful for HER. 


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