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I’ve been listening to different audio books lately that I’m loving.

So much encouragement for my soul to cherish the little moments, to be more present in my life, to have more gratitude for what God has given me and to intentionally plan for less busyness (which isn’t hard for this introverted soul 😆) and replace it with peace. 

Here’s a few of the most recent books… 

Lemons on Friday by Mattie Jackson Selecman

This one is raw and real and heavy and beautiful about love and loss after Mattie lost her husband right before their 1 year wedding anniversary. She shares with so much vulnerability and it will stir your heart to value, treasure and cherish the moments you have right now while also giving so much hope in Jesus to anyone grieving a loved one. 

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist

This book was full of little snippets and stories that honestly made me look at my life and see it with more gratitude and love and wonder. The little moments really are the moments that build our lives and we should celebrate them and treasure them more as the gifts they are. Her writing style makes me giggle and smile and feel every word and think and reflect on my own life in so many ways. This book made me want to start more traditions and prioritize family trips because of the stories she shares. It also made me wanna visit Paris and spend summers at a lake house in Michigan.

Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

This book I heard about over and over for a few years, so that’s exactly why I didn’t read it back then. 😬😆 I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing. 😂 Like when the pastor tells the congregation to stand or raise their hands, I do the opposite even harder. It’s a problem. 😆 

BUT ANYWAYS, this book is the one I’m currently listening to and it’s stirring my heart and mind so much. I literally stay up till midnight listening and then have dreams with her voice still reading to me. Haha. Is that weird? 😆

I’m a very big believer in being intentional with cultivating peace in my life, our home and our rhythms, mostly because I lived too long without it. So this book so far is speaking to my soul.

Also, I highly recommend this if you’re in or have ever been in ministry. She speaks very directly into things few people do (which I love!) and does it with grace-filled warnings.

Have you read any of these?


  1. These all sound so good! 💛
    I am the same! I don’t really like doing what everyone else is doing. 😆 I am the person who will not clap if told to clap. 😆
    I love seeing what books you are loving and speaking to you! No, the dream thing is not weird 😄
    I can’t wait to see your next post!

    Xoxo Moriyah


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