Let’s chat HAIR HEALTH! ✌🏽 I’ve been on a long journey with my health in general but because of all the health issues I had, it did a doozy on my hair health. It literally took my pregnancy with Lion for me to finally SEE a difference because I was doing everything I could to make sure he was healthy and strong (which also resulted in me getting healthy and strong). 

After going through a miscarriage before him, my heart was extra sensitive and aware of what I was using, doing, ingesting and the environment around us. 

I was taking a few things very consistently and was surprised to see how much it impacted my hair after years of struggling. 

Hair issues can definitely stem from so many different things including hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, sicknesses, diet, gut health, immune function, lack of vitamins/minerals just to name a few, which is why you can’t always solve the issue with shampoo or a single supplement (even if people swear by it 😆). 

It really takes getting to the root issues to find results but I shared today some of the things that helped me and made a huge difference. 

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