Essential Oils 4 Kids


I was so intimidated by natural things as a new mama. So afraid I’d do it wrong or mess it up somehow. I was really really interested but felt embarrassed to ask questions, as if I should have already known this stuff for some reason. 
So I just kept livin that toxic lifestyle unknowingly because I really thought that Target shelves would only sell safe products to mamas. 🤪 Live and learn, right?! 

I always encourage mamas who have littles struggling with health issues, whether skin, gut, immune, respiratory, to first check what products they have in their homes that they use daily like cleaners, candles, soaps, shampoos, plugins. So many things end up fixing themselves as soon as we remove those products from our homes.

You can always check and look up the products you’re using to see if they are toxic too. 

Anyhoo, I shared all about essential oils for kids/babies and how to use them safely if your curious like I was. Essential oils are such a safe alternative to what is being sold in the stores as “safe” but is actually hurting our kids when you uncover what is actually in them. 

Check it out here:

And here are some of my FAVORITE products for 

Kids+ Babies:




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