Max is 11 months!

On the 4th, Maximus hit the 11 month mark!
This year is flying by so fast with him.
He is in the beginning stages of walking, taking those shaky little steps that are oh so cute.
He says, "Dada" all the time BUT he started saying "Mama" for real now! It's not that often but you better believe that I come running and squealing when he says it!!
He is still primarily nursing.
He's not too big on baby food yet but he will take bites of whatever I'm eating.
He's a fan of In-N-Out fries! nom nom
He still holds the record for the biggest smile ever!
He has his bottom two teeth in and the top two are poking through!
He is truly the sweetest little nugget.
He snuggles and leans in and smashes his face into mine when I go to kiss him.
He loves the water and is pretty fearless with it.
He is a joy!

So here's to one more month of babyhood! *tears*



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