Scarlett turns 8...

So today officially marks the day that our sweet Scarlett girl tuns 8 years old. 
e i g h t 
holy schmoly
Eight years ago, at 3:33pm, I first laid eyes on her chubby little face… she was my biggest baby (maybe because my pregnancy cravings were cookie dough… oops…it was my biggest pregnancy too. haha!) and yet is now such a teeny little lady that it is hard to shop for her because everything fits too big or too short. Not a bad problem to have! She loves Jesus, and tells everyone about Him. Ever since she first started talking, she has dreamt of the day that she can go to heaven and play hide-and-seek with the angels… and she still brings it up just about every week.
She has such a tender heart. She can cry so easily, and yet at the same time is able to carry herself with so much strength and grace. I overheard her telling her brother the other day, "God made me with a tender heart and a tender head and that's how He wants me!" So true.
She loves to sing and dance and all things girly and snuggling and bouncing and laughing and is just a bundle of pure JOY!!
She's goofy and graceful and loud and tender and hopeful and kind and so quick to forgive.
She gives hugs with the biggest open arms.
She's confident without being conceited.
She's truly such a bright light in this world.
I'm so grateful to Jesus for her life and her part in our family and that I was called to be HER mama.
She is such a gift.

Happy 8th Birthday, sweet girl!!
We all love the snot outta you!
Cheers to no more booster seats!!


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