a few things spoken from last weekend that stirred my heart…

— a few things spoken from last weekend that stirred my heart…

1. “In the waiting room, gods are revealed.”

When things aren’t going in our timing and we’re waiting longer than we expected in “the waiting room” of our life, that’s when gods are revealed. That’s when what we really think and feel and worship comes to the surface. It could be stability, recognition, finances, relationships. Whatever we feel we “should” have by now can rise up and trigger things inside of us to be awaken. And it’s usually not so great. 

I always think of the story of Sarah giving Hagar to her husband Abraham to have a child. Still blows my mind a little. I’m not a sharer, especially of my man. But in her “waiting room” for the child God promised, as her god was revealed, it led her to making a decision in the flesh that turned out to be a bad one. 

I don’t want to create a “Hagar” in my waiting room season but it’s what I can lean towards if my eyes are off God and on myself. Panic and fear can make us do stupid and regrettable things. 

2. “Anything you can control will not deliver you.” This definitely ties into the waiting room season. When timing isn’t fast enough, we can knee jerk to control the situation. But if we can control it, it can’t be our deliverer. Only God can truly deliver.

3. “Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?” Galatians 3:3

There are things in my life that I know without any doubts God called me to. He led me by His Spirit. But then my humanness gets all up in it and I can start to run with MY plans and MY timelines and pretty quickly I can take what was started in the Spirit and turn it into flesh. And then what happens is that I get into striving mode, get overwhelmed, burn myself out and question the calling. But God didn’t ask me to do what’s causing burnout. He is the Prince of Peace, not the king of chaos. So when I feel the overwhelm, that’s my sign to take it back to Jesus, stop my striving and wait on Him to lead me next. 

When God is leading me, there’s PEACE. 


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