Ulysses turns 11


My first boy, Ulysses David, is eleven today. He was born with his head crooked and his face bruised all over like he literally fought his way here. It was like a prophetic picture of his life. He’s a lover and a fighter through and through. 

A few of my favorites things about him:

He’s BOLD in his faith. He was the toddler that would bust open doors and yell into the sky, “God, where are you?! Why won’t you talk to me?!”

He’s the little boy that asked everyone on every playground, park, store or library if they believed in Jesus. One time a little girl at the library said she didn’t believe in God and he argued with her about God being real so much so that the grandmother of the little girl and I had to break it up. 😂

He lives out his faith. He believes in the power of prayer. He knows the freedom that comes to his soul when he confesses sin and he seeks it out. He will literally ask to speak to myself or his dad and tell us everything and then takes a deep breath, stretches out his arms wide and says, “I feel FREEEEEE!! As light as a feather!” 😂🙌🏼

We would all live better if we lived like Ulysses.

He’s incredibly strong and yet so gentle. He’s known as the baby-whisperer with his baby skills. He’s very trustworthy and responsible. 

He is always ready to snuggle and he tells me I’m beautiful first thing every morning which will make him the sweetest husband one day to his wife. 

He’s genuinely so enjoyable to be around and has the coolest things to say. 

If I start dancing in the kitchen, he immediately runs to join me, always ready to party.

He followed his dad into the ocean everyday when we lived in Hawaii (he was 7/8) to protect his dad from sharks. He prayed out loud each time, sometimes even singing a worship song on his board. And when they did encounter a shark, he stayed calm, and listened to every word his dad said to make it out of that area safely.

Someday he’ll be taller than me (I actually can’t wait for that) but for today, he’s still my baby boy, even though he gives gigantic bear hugs that knock you over if you’re not prepared for it. 

Happy birthday, Uly D! You’re gonna change the world someday! I can feel it in my bones! 

Mama loves you ❤️

Here’s one of my favorite videos of him ever:


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