march 5, 2024 #livingoutluke252

march 5, 2024

daily documenting #livingoutluke252 

Oceana was up earlier this morning so we had extra coffee and audio Bible time downstairs instead of upstairs. 

It ended being really special because I listened with five out of six kids in the living room and we all sat around discussing it together. My favorite thing ever! 

Which made me think this… 

What if you knew you would play a part in developing some of the most powerful, influential, talented, world changers? You would be honored and humbled to play even a small part in it, right?! Like, who am I? And that’s the gift of motherhood! We get to have this incredible hand in raising and developing and speaking life and vision and hope into the next generation to be sent out to change the world for the glory of God.

The world can try to tell us that to be home raising children is old fashioned, oppressive, not living into our full potential, and that working out of the home is liberation, fighting against the patriarchy and being our true selves, as if separating ourselves from our own children is better. 

The Bible says that the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy. How does the enemy do that? A big target is the home. If you break down the home, the marriages, the families, you gain access to the hearts of the children and having the hearts of the children radically changes the direction of the country and the world in the next generation. The enemy knows that mothers at home on their knees praying over their children while their children are learning how to love Jesus sitting at the feet of their mothers teaching them is one of the most powerful forces in the whole world. Motherhood is powerful. Raising children to know and love Jesus wrecks the plans of the enemy. 

Stay faithful, mamas. You’re doing the Lord’s work raising babies to know their Creator. Don’t get distracted by follower counts, likes, messes, bills, Netflix with a side of red wine, and anything else that tries to steal your attention, your feelings or your affection away from God. Pour into scripture all throughout the day. Listen with your children and talk to them about it. Get excited about what you’re learning and share that excitement with them. Show your kids through your own example how incredible it is to walk with Jesus. 

Motherhood is holy ground. 



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