DIY Linen Spray


This is such a beautiful, fun and super easy DIY to make in under a couple minutes! This makes an awesome gift as well as keeping it close to every bed in your house! Kids and adults love this before bedtime and even naptime! I remember when my boys were really little (4 + 2 years old) I would spray their lovies, blankets and pillows with this and they fell asleep so fast at each naptime! 

Easy Rule to Follow:

2oz glass spray bottle

1 part unscented witch hazel (if you don't have witch hazel, use a pinch of salt instead)

3 parts water

15-20 drops of each essential oil (you can use more or less depending on your personal preference)

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I used Lavender, Stress Away + Lemon with dried lavender buds, witch hazel and water! It seriously smells so beautiful I wanna wear it as perfume! DREAMY!!!

Here are a few more fun recipes!

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