When We Fail as a Mom, He Remains Faithful



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Episode 7: When We Fail as a Mom, He Remains Faithful

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When we miss it with our kids, when we fail and misrepresent God to them through our weaknesses and frailty-- which Moses reaped the consequences for by not being allowed into the Promise Land because of how much God takes it seriously-- What do we do?

Do we listen to the voice of the enemy? When he accuses us of not being worthy, failing and our flesh comes out and onto the people we love the most, what do we do?

We go to God in brokenness and humility. We brace ourselves for the waves of grace that will knock us down by their strength, like a child standing at the foot of the ocean.

We tell the Lord our weaknesses, that He already knows, and we ask Him to help us. We ask Him to be the strength in our weaknesses. His grace meets us there.

Why was David, a man who committed murder, adultery, failing as a father and a sinner, called "a man after God's own heart"? Because he was full of repentance and kept going to God that way.

We apologize to our children and give the a realize example of humility. It's partly for you and partly for them.

We cry out to God. I felt my strength returning as I confessed before God and asked Him to fill me.



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