A little bit on how I started my business

I had no idea what I was about to do when I started my business. I was a broke, stay-at-home mama with four little kids, homeschooling them, living with all six of us stacked on top of each other in a tiny two bedroom apartment.

I was (still am) an introvert, homebody and was livin in hurts from painful years in ministry. I was not *that girl* on someone’s dream team list to start a business with. I always tell people I was “dream called by Jesus” cuz only He could have seen beauty from the ash heap I was in. 

After lots of desperate prayers and researching and praying some more, l jumped all in. 

I wrote scriptures on index cards and taped them all through the house. One that was such an anchor for me starting: 

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin” -Zach. 4:10

I knew I didn’t have much to offer but I was committed to showing up and doing this business “as unto the Lord”. I heard different leaders say that faithfulness and consistency were key so that’s what I did. Faithfulness to the work consistently over time. 

I just listened to a podcast that said how success isn’t in the big accomplishments (ranks, book deal, promotion, whatever) but in the daily work done consistently over time that then brings you to that big accomplishment.

If you have a business or goal or dream, keep at it. Don’t get distracted by others in your field or drown yourself in comparison because it only slows you down and sabotages your own success. 

Know what God is calling you to do and then give it all you’ve got, everyday, consistently over a long period of time. The time will pass anyways, right?! I tell my team that we run our businesses based on our “why” not our feelings cuz feelings get too feely sometimes. 

Long story long, you can do whatever you want to do if you do the work to get there. Don’t despise the small things. Faithfulness in the small so that you can handle the big.  Ok #overandout ✌



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